Privacy Policy

StrategyMix Server

This server is managed by StrategyMix Pty Ltd of Sydney, Australia.

With regards to privacy, StrategyMix has the following policy as listed below. For more information on StrategyMix, please visit the website at:

If you believe that StrategyMix or a client of StrategyMix is not complying with this privacy policy, please register your complaint at:

Data Sharing
StrategyMix does not sell, swap or share any data on its database with third parties.

Data Security
StrategyMix maintains proper safeguards for all data that is retained in our own database and in the database of our clients.

Data Retention
StrategyMix retains data gathered in its database for as long as it is deemed useful, thereafter data is deleted.

Data Disclosure
If any person requests to know how their data was obtained it is the policy of StrategyMix to provide them with accurate response within 24 hours. StrategyMix maintain a source field on its database to maintain an accurate record of the original source for every contact in the database.

Email Communications Policy
With regard to email communications, StrategyMix complies with all SPAM legislation, including the Australian Spam Act of 2004.

In addition to an email unsubscribe process, the company has also put in place systems to prevent communications via other channels such as phone calls and direct mail, where a contact has requested to be excluded from such communications.